Monday, 25 April 2016

Wearable Art Show - The Match Up!

Okay, okay, I know, lots of posts about the Wearable Art Show, but it's the major thing happening in my life right now, so that's the way it is!

Last week I was the day I got paired with a local business!

I was excited and a little nervous for the pairing up.  Actually, I am a little bit nervous about the whole thing really. I mean, I am super excited to be chosen and to be participating, but putting something on a runway is a bit nerve-wracking! It's like people are seeing into my brain, and I don't want them to find it unappealing. It's a messy place up there, my brain, (aren't they all?) and all of us are choosey about what we share with others when it comes to our creations. I want to share my ideas, my creations, (my talent? my creativity?) but I want people to like it. I am not sure this feeling ever goes away... I also feel a bit like a phony, like I don't belong here. I have moments of confidence as well - I know I am creative and talented and that I have good ideas (although it feels weird to admit that to others).

So the pairing... I felt like I was on a blind date, nervous, excited, and nothing to do but accept who ever I got! Unlike online dating though, I feel that I can do wonderful things with this match, no matter which business it is! So ends the dating comparisons...

I am paired with..... (drumroll)... The Night Kitchen! Initial thoughts - cardboard and shiny things - yay!!!

The back of my car - cardboard and all sorts of shiny goodies in the garbage bag!

Shiny happy metal things after being washed!

I met the owner and was shown where the recycling is, and then I let the ideas percolate. The model is up on stage for the length of a song (my choice) and so the song is playing a large part in shaping my ideas. I Now have and idea for something that I hope will turn out well. I really want to wow people, like blow them away, but I think I put too much pressure on myself... a few people have pointed this out to me, and it's actually very helpful that they do that. I really do put too much pressure on myself, and at the same time I undervalue my skills and talent. I think I just need to do my best and have faith it will turn out! I also have post-show drinks to look forward to :)

Overall, what are my main hopes for this challenge? Well, to challenge myself, to grow as an artist and designer, and to have fun. I can't deny that I also hope for a little exposure! And also to not cut myself on the metal too much!

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