Thursday, 25 September 2014

B is for Bunting..

..that hangs on the wall,
a beautiful rainbow,
Let's hope it won't fall.

I love making these.  I get to use colours and put them in order.  Funny, I don't like to maintain order in my home, but I do love the act of creating the order in the first place.  And then it falls to rack and ruin.  So let us celebrate this love of living, not tidying, enjoying the day, not constantly cleaning it up. Celebrate with bunting!

As messy as I can be, I am a perfectionist in other areas.  Like making things.  For instance, a fellow vendor at a craft show mentioned that if I just did a raw edge then I could make more bunting in less time.  But, but. I like the look of turn and topstitch!  If someone actually launders these, they will last longer!  Will people launder these ever?  It seems unlikely, but it is just a different look than the raw edge.  Don't get me wrong, I love a raw edge, but we get set in our ways, and this is just how I have been making the bunting.  A friend's sister asked for some made with a raw edge, made more simply, so they could cover more area for the same amount of money she would spend...I hadn't thought of that.  When I look at it that way, maybe I should switch how I make them. I have a friend her sells her one-of-a-kind art for very low prices.  It's because she wants more people to be able to enjoy them!  What a great thought.

And here are my raw-edge bunting.

Pile o'bunting

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A is for Animals

...or "aminals" as my kids say (and I choose not to correct).

I started this quilt back in January, working on it slowly, very slowly, but it is finally done!

These are the Ed Emberley fabrics in the centre.  I love these prints!  They are so cute.  I did not have the pleasure to grow up with the drawing books that Mr. Emberley created, but I am so happy to have discovered these images now!

I made 12 blocks, which makes for a large throw or a nice play mat quilt.  It could be used for a single bed (twin) but does not have much (or any) overhang, which I think is fine.  We don't make our beds here anyway since the blankets and pillow just end up being used for playing with.  Could this quilt inspire bed-making? (my quilt makes me want to make my bed...sometimes).  Wishful thinking!

Here are some money shots of the aminals (typo intentional):

 (Sorry for the sideways pics - not sure what is happening!)

I machine quilted it with straight lines, using an aqua thread.  Simple.

I machine quilted the binding too, with a zig-zag stitch.  I have heard a few people say they do this, on blogs and in person.  I really like the look!  I used a variegated rainbow thread and it really works with the quilt.  It also made machine binding less time-consuming.  A win-win!

Quilt stats:
41.5" x 61.5" (105 cm x 166.5 cm)
Warm and Natural batting (100% cotton)

Listed in my etsy shop.