Monday, 25 April 2016

Star Wars Dress... Episode IV

Dunh, dunh, dunh dunh dunh duuuuuuunh, dunh...etc

If I had mad tech skills I could be writing up a whole scrolling message about planning this dress or something, but since I do not possess such skills, I will instead attempt to regale you with my wit... or distract you with lots of pictures!

I have been hanging on to these vintage Star Wars bedsheets for a very long time, wondering what to do with them. I always wanted a skirt, but the thought of cutting into this sheet was a bit terrifying. And then last Spring I was a bit mopey and to snap myself out of it I decided to adopt an attitude of seizing the moment and just going for it (in life in general). (Please note - I am not making light of depression and suggesting that people can snap themselves out of it, I was not in that place, or if I was, it was temporary and extremely minor. More like a bit sad). And yes, I realize that making a dress is not a big risk to take or anything, but seriously, cutting into vintage Star Wars bedsheets... it can be a little intimidating. If I screwed up, I would be ruining a lot of fabric! The fear of failure looms large. And these sheets are pricey on ebay! (I was lucky to score mine at thrift stores for cheap!) And so I measured a lot more than twice, and cut once!

I settled on a pattern that I modified a lot - the Blue Ginger Doll Odette dress. I changed it to a v-neck front and v-neck back as well, and narrowed the shoulder straps. I also altered the armscye and the darts. I basically used it as a starting point for developing my own bodice sloper, although after some wearing I realize I need to alter the bust darts again - they are way too high!

After I made the bodice using a print on white sheet, I auditioned it with various sheets for the skirt (yes, I have several Star Wars bedsheets...nerd alert! Nerd alert!)

White bodice with light blue sheet for skirt?

White bodice with dark blue sheet for skirt?

White bodice with light blue Empire Strikes Back sheet for skirt?
I was leaning towards the Empire Strikes Back for the skirt, so that it could be a two-episode dress, but based on friend feedback, I eventually went with the dark blue, and thus I have an all Episode IV dress.

The skirt is a basic rectangle that I gathered at the waist. It has a zipper in the back. Both the bodice and the skirt are lined, and it has very deep pockets!!!

I finished it just in time to hit up an annual street yard sale last May, and it was so fun to wear! I got a lot of comments on it!

It's fun to wear and I have a sequel dress in mind!  Now, when will they release fabric or bedsheets for The Force Awakens? 

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