Thursday, 7 January 2016

So Apparently I Have a Fall/Winter Collection...

Sewing is fun! Wheeeeee!!!
This past fall I was asked to participate in the local University's Fashion show - not as a model (hahahaha!) but as a designer. I was pretty excited, I mean, I know I can sew, and I know I can make wearable clothing that holds together, but I always have a problem calling myself a designer. Maybe because I am mostly self-taught? I don't know. Anyway, they asked and I said yes! The only problem is that I make clothing pieces one-at-a-time and often with no exact size in mind, and when I go to craft shows it is often with one piece of that design in that size. Now I was going to have to make clothing to fit the models with not much advance notice. Also, I strive to have a day-time job as well (although in this fall there was Work Unrest and I am not working much which actually worked well for this fashion show, if not for my bank account).

I laugh in the face of minimal work!

The unofficial title of my collection is 15 Days. That's the amount of time I had to work on the outfits after I got the measurements and got a few Very Important Job Interviews out of the way (I did get one of the jobs - yay me!)

I whipped up one skirt right away, and I pulled two hoodies/jackets from my existing stuff so I had three half outfits - did I mention I needed to provide a minimum of ten outfits?  I didn't? 10 outfits. 10. That's a lot, but I do love a challenge!

Yes, that is kale in the front pocket. No, the Kale was not in the fashion show outfit.
I quickly realized that dresses were the way to go.  So I started a new idea that was continuing with a new favourite of mine - mixing wool and jersey. I know, sounds odd, and most people don't like mixing different fabrics like that, but I love texture and I love wool and the stretchiness of jersey, and so here we are! Notice the hoodies above - love them!

The dress - near completion
So this dress was built!  I painstakingly made it symmetrical. I love symmetry. I mean, I don't sit down and say, "Let's make this thing symmetrical" but it just happens. But symmetry takes time, especially when you are not using a pattern and your method involves laying everything down, cutting pieces, laying them out, and eyeballing it each. and. every. time! Although I love the look, I admit to recognizing the need to bring asymmetry into my life a bit more. New Year's Resolution #1 I think!

Progress shot

This dress will also be featured in Trent University Fashion Show's magazine they are putting out. I am not sure when that is happening, but I think that's pretty cool!

I *was* going to put all the clothes from the fashion show in my etsy shop, but as I was making this beauty I knew I was going to keep it. I need to advertise my skillz, yo!

I want to post about other pieces I made, but I will do separate posts, maybe some tutorials?  I haven't done a tutorial before. Surely this old dog can learn some new tricks, along with continuing to call you Shirley :)

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