Sunday, 16 March 2014

Figuring it Out

My brain that is.  Well, I have some parts of my brain figured out.  I have had this same brain for awhile now, so this is good.  You see, I am a procrastinator!  Big time.  I already knew that part.  I am also a planner, which means I get grand plans (and not so grand) and I love starting a project, but completing it...not so much.  SO much more fun to start something new!  Which is why these pillows have been waiting for one final, simple stitching since the fall, until this morning.

And what was my motivation?  Not wanting to read from my text or do my coursework.  At least I am not just watching some shows (that was the other night).  These pillow covers will be up for sale soon in my etsy shop, in a few days.  Why not now? I have work to do people! (or maybe a kitchen to clean...)

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