Saturday, 4 January 2014

Time for Retrospectication!

Happy New Year!
Off to a slow start blogging, but that's okay.  The tortoise won the race, and this isn't a race anyway.  Good thing!  And I guess it is time for a bit of looking back.  

Crafty-wise, I have had a pretty good year!  Several winter shows around these parts, a few a bit further, and my first in Toronto!   I always love the social aspect of the shows, meeting and talking to shoppers and fellow vendors.  And when I am fortunate, I am make a few sales as well!  I used my Square reader the first time and it made me a few sales I would not have made otherwise.  Three cheers for technology and free wi-fi! ( I am one of the only people I know who does not have a smart phone.  Not in the budget).

I was in an excellent online charity quilting bee, but had to quit that in the summer due to some life craziness. I hope to re-join the do.  Good Stitches charity bee again in the future, but I am involved in my community a bit, and with little ones around, it leaves precious little time! 

Here are some photos of some things I made this year. 

Small wall hanging for my newest niece.

Stilt-walker pants for the fabulous stilt-walker in the lantern festival in Prince Edward County.  
And now for the public declaration of my goals for 2014:

- Blog more (already tied with last year's blog posts!  Yes!)
- Refashion more (or rather, take photos and post about it)
- Make quilts for my kids, then expand my repertoire beyond wonky log cabins and block within block
- Make some not-mainstream clothing.  Not that my current skirt makes are terribly mainstream, but I have     some ideas a bit more out there
-Continue doing shows!
-Do some more arty fibre art/wall art type things

Best to stop here.  Also, I need to cut this short and get back to organizing.  I want to create, but the house is a disaster and it needs attention before all my ideas. It is so unfortunate to have grown-up priorities.

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